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I want Spotget Server to autostart when I start my computer
  • Windows: Add a shortcut to 'SpotgetServer.exe' in the 'Startup' folder in the start menu
    • Go to the Spotget Server folder
    • Right click on 'SpotgetServer.exe' and choose 'Create shortcut'
    • Drag the created shortcut to the 'Startup' folder in the start menu
  • OSX: Add Spotget Server as login item
    • Go to 'System Preferences' > 'Users & Groups'
    • Click on 'Login Items'
    • Add 'Spotget Server' to the list of applications

Spotget is not working
  • Make sure that you have the latest version, v.1.2, of Spotget Server installed. You can check the version by right clicking the Spotget Server icon. Go to the start page to download the latest version.
  • If you have configured Spotget for your home network, make sure that your Android device has Wi-Fi connection.
  • Your computers IP address may have changed. If you have turned off broadcast in Spotget, make sure that the entered IP address is up to date.
    • Right click the Spotget Server icon
    • If your Android device is connected to a home network, enter the local IP address
    • Else, click on 'Lookup remote IP address'
  • Your firewall may be blocking Spotget Server. Here is how to add a new rule in Windows 7's built in firewall.
    • In the control panel, choose 'System and Security' > 'Windows firewall' > 'Advanced settings'
    • Right click 'Inbound Rules' and choose 'New rule...'
    • Follow the guide and enter the following:
      - Rule Type: Port
      - Protocol and Ports: UDP / Specified local ports: 7353
      - Action: Allow the connection
      - Profile: Check all boxes
      - Name: Spotget Server
    • Check if it is working now. If not, you may have a rule set to block Java UDP connection. Check the list of rules for Java with protocol UDP. Double click and choose allow in the 'General' tab.

How do I uninstall Spotget Server?
  • Windows
    • Delete the folder where you unzipped the files when you installed Spotget Server.
  • Mac
    • Go to your Applications folder and drag 'Spotget Server.app' to the Trash.